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Company NovaProdukt AG was founded in 2000 in Russia. The main activity is the production of dietary, diabetic and enriched food products and the supply of raw materials to the Russian food industry for the production of such products.


We strive to be leaders among manufacturers in the healthy food market, offering our customers the best products aimed at maintaining health!


We vouch for the high quality of our products, which we offer to our customers. We are independent and flexible in decision making. Each of our clients has an individual approach. We value the work of each employee and create all conditions for the realization of his potential, which is one of the important components of the successful development of the company.


We improve production processes, increase the range, develop new product recipes in close cooperation with industry research and medical institutes in Russia and laboratories of raw material suppliers (Germany, Belgium, France, USA, Israel, Turkey) in order to offer consumers products of the highest quality.



► Founding of the company in Moscow by Gudimov Sergey and Nizhegorodov Alexander;
► Launching the production of a full cycle of sugar substitutes in tablets under the TM NovaSweet.



► Launch of the production of sugar substitutes (fructose, sorbitol) under the TM NovaSweet.



► Launch of products based on chicory under TM Chikoroff. Conclusion of an exclusive contract with the French company Leroux, founded in 1858, for the supply of 100% natural chicory roots.



► Launching the production of a full cycle of sweets and wafers without sugar under the TM NovaSweet.



► Entering the market of the CIS countries.



► Start of production of a full cycle of honey substitute and powdered sugar substitute under NovaSweet TM.



► Opening of a branch in Belarus (Minsk).



► New production area. Expansion of production capacities.



► Entering the international market.



► Opening of a branch in Ukraine (Odessa).



► Modernization of equipment, launch of new lines, increase in production volumes.



► Development, together with a Swiss company, of innovative dispensers of 5 types, with control of the first opening, for sugar substitutes in tablets.



► Launching the production of a full cycle of muesli (granola) without sugar and palm oil under TM Bionova.
► The beginning of the development of the company's social networks under the @public_bionova account, in which the team talks about the basics of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition and new products from the manufacturer.



► Launch of production of a full cycle of honey muesli (granola) under TM Ol’light.
► Start of production of chicory drinks with extracts under TM Bionova.
► Positive conclusion of clinical trials of the Institute of Nutrition Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences of a drink for weight control.
► Launch of the production of appetite control drinks based on chicory under TM Bionova.



► Launch of full-cycle production of 100% natural fruit and nut bars with prebiotic under TM Bionova.
► Launching the production of a full cycle of sugar substitutes in tablets (stevia, sucralose) under the TM Bionova.
► Launch of the production of powdered sugar substitutes (stevia, grape sugar) under the TM NovaSweet.
► Creation of an online store from the manufacturer - bionova-shop.ru



► The Bionova brand is the best new brand according to Forbes magazine.
► Start of production of chicory drinks with extracts under TM Ol'light.
► Launching the production of a full cycle of sugar substitutes in tablets under TM Ol'light.



► Launch of the production of a full cycle of 100% natural fruit and nut bars under TM Ol’light.
► Creation of subbrands Bionova SPORT (inulin, pea protein, erythritol, maldotexrin) and Bionova PRO (isomalt and maltitol).



► Launching the production of a full cycle of liquid sugar substitutes under TM Bionova and Ol'light.
► Start of production of batch chicory under TM Chikoroff.

Key persons of the company


For our company, the quality of the product is the main value. In our own accredited laboratory of NovaProduct AG, we are working on the creation of new innovative products.

Ensuring the safety of food products in the process of its production is carried out using procedures based on the principles of HACCP and IS0 22 000. Quality control is carried out at all stages of food production, from the control of incoming raw materials to finished product batches.

All products are manufactured in accordance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union, GOSTs, Specifications, compliance with which ensures quality and safety.


  • Доставка

    Our company NovaProduct AG delivers goods throughout Russia and the CIS using our own transport and reliable transport companies.

  • Мониторинг

    Thanks to the use of the latest information system, we are able to monitor warehouse stocks, clearly plan the purchase of raw materials and correctly and timely draw up a package of accompanying documents for each batch of products.

  • Производство

    Our production and warehouse complex is equipped with the latest equipment, which allows us to comply with the requirements for the production, storage of raw materials for food production and finished products.

Work in a company

The personnel policy of NovaProduct AG LLC is aimed at maintaining stability and business development through the formation of highly qualified human resources.

We achieve this goal by attracting the best specialists in the market to the company, as well as by contributing to the professional growth and development of our employees.

We welcome and encourage the responsible approach of employees to work, their initiative, focus on results, and also guarantee our employees a competitive level of salaries.

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Social responsibility

  • Социальная ответственность 1

    For NovaProduct AG, human capital is in the first place, because the quality of the product we produce depends on it. The work of employees should be not only productive, but also as comfortable as possible! That is why we invest the maximum amount of resources and efforts in the search, attraction, and most importantly, the development of our employees, providing them with social guarantees.

  • Социальная ответственность 2

    Official jobs have been created with timely payment of official wages. Employees are provided with free meals and free training programs. Employees of the company have the opportunity to purchase any product with a 50% discount. In emergency situations, material assistance is provided at the request of the employee.

  • Социальная ответственность 3

    NovaProduct AG supports and cooperates with the Zhivi charitable foundations. The company actively participates in the development of cycling and cycling culture in Russia together with the Let’s bike it project. In addition to cycling, NovaProduct AG supports sports events (races, team games, relay races).

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