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Cosucra Groupe Warcoin


Cosucra Groupe Warcoing was founded in 1852 in Belgium.
The company specializes in the production of pea proteins, as well as ingredients based on chicory root: inulin and oligofructose.




Cargill supplies food, agricultural, financial and industrial goods and services worldwide. Together with farmers, customers, governments and local communities, Cargill uses its knowledge and 150 years of experience to help people thrive. Cargill employs 150,000 people in 70 countries, each of whom is committed to delivering sustainable and healthy food around the world, reducing our environmental footprint and improving people's lives.


GL Stevia

GL Stevia

GL Stevia is a leading full-cycle manufacturer of stevia, from seeds and plant cultivation to refining and packaging. The company is a world-famous high-tech enterprise founded in 2005.



Leroux® is a French company founded in 1858. It is a leading company in the world chicory market.
Specialists of the company process about 90,000 tons of chicory every year. The company exports chicory to more than 40 countries.

Тat Nisasta

Тat Nisasta

Tat Nisasta was established in 1998. Started with the production of starch, glucose and fructose, and constantly expanded its product line.

Today, Tat Nisasta is one of the giant companies worldwide producing fructose intermediates and crystals for the industry.


Galam Group

Galam Group

Galam has been producing crystalline fructose for over 70 years, using a unique and innovative scientific method developed by the company's scientists.

Galam is a major EU supplier serving many customers around the world.


Lantmännen unibake


Lantmännen is a leader in Northern Europe in the fields of agriculture, food production, engineering, bioenergy. In the production of food products, the main principles of Lantmännen's work are the high quality and naturalness of raw materials, production without artificial additives and preservatives. It is no coincidence that the symbol of Lantmännen is a sprout - a symbol of life.


Navil Natural

Navil Natural
The company was founded by a small group of farmers in Indonesia. Further, thanks to many years of experience and the study of market expectations, an efficient integrated supply chain from farms to customers was developed.
The company uses a proprietary production system and equipment that has never been used before by other coconut sugar producers. The company has implemented and successfully operates a system for monitoring critical points at each stage of production in order to ensure standard product quality and continuous improvement of processes.
Direct contact with farmers and an efficient production system allow Navil Natural to offer competitive prices to its customers.

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